We would like to encourage members to participate in the activities of the South Milwaukee Historical Society.  As the city’s slogan says “A proud past and a promising future”.  We have a very rich history and we need to preserve that history for the future generations.  Your participation in and support of the Society will ensure that we will be around for future generations. Even if you’re not a member (yet) your participation is welcomed at all of our events.  All our events will be on the South Milwaukee Community Calendar linked to our Events page.  If you’d like to volunteer for an event contact our President, Vice President or Secretary.  You can find their names and phone numbers on the most recent newsletter.

We also invite everyone to attend our monthly board/member meetings held on the 2nd Monday of each month.  Most meetings are held at the South Milwaukee Historical Society Museum.   The exceptions are our Annual Dinner in February and our Spring and Fall Potluck Meetings in May and September.  Details for all our meetings are on the South Milwaukee Community Calendar.